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Company introduction

Shandong Luistone Wheel Co., LTD, established and put into production in 2008, is a new machinery processing enterprise with a registered capital of 208 million RMB, covering an area of 357 mu, based on aluminum alloy automotive wheel R&D, production and processing, sales. The company has passed ISO 9001 quality management system certification, IATF16949 quality management system certification, and Japan VIA laboratory certification successively.

The company adopts the most advanced automatic mechanical hand automatic casting production line in wheel hub production industry. At present, the company has 32 low-pressure casting machines and 26 gravity casting machines with an annual production capacity of 7 million, has 85 precision CNC lathes, 41 precision CNC machining centers, three domestic first-class coating production lines, can produce different surface treatment of aluminum alloy hub. The company has high starting point introduced the production and test testing equipment such as Alon spectrometer, Hoffmann dynamic balancing machine and Brooker spectrograph, which has established the strong market competitiveness of the company in the early stage of project construction.

The company adheres to the strategy of technological innovation and technological leadership, closely follows the development trend of domestic and foreign markets and establishes its own research and development team. The company has more than 1,500 employees, including 500 professional and technical personnel, realizes the water cooling technology of casting mould production process and leading level casting quality in China. Chrome-free passivation technology completely solves the environmental pollution problem of wheel industry. Now, the company is cooperating with many famous automobile enterprises and supporting the production of wheel hubs with the products of Guangzhou Automobile Group, Kaima Automobile, Chongqing Jiachuan Automobile and other enterprises. With good development prospect, we are looking forward to people with dreams joining Luistone to jointly create a future belonging to Luistone!!!

Key milestone:

In March 2010, Luistone put into production and begun to produce aluminum wheel hub

In June 2010, the company’s monthly output exceeded 100,000

In March 2011, the company supported production for Tianjin Faw Meiya Automobile Co., LTD

In November 2011, the company supported production for Changan Ford Mazda Nanjing Automobile Co. LTD

In December 2011, the company supported production for Shandong Dongfeng Kaima Automobile Co., LTD

In April 2012, the company supported production for China FAW Group Corporation

In June 2012, the company’s monthly output exceeded 160,000

In June 2013, the company supported production with GAC GROUP Gonow Automobile Co., LTD

In September 2013, OEM manufacturing department entered the mass production stage

In October 2013, cooperated with global well-known WHEELPROS company

In November 2013, supported production with Zhejiang Youth Passenger Car Group Co., LTD

In November 2013, the shipment volume of finished products exceeded 200,000 / month

In December 2013, supported the production with Chongqing Jialing Chuanjiang Automobile Manufacturing Co., LTD

In November 2014, the shipment volume of finished products exceeded 250,000 / month

In June 2015, the shipment volume of finished products exceeded 400,000 / month

In January 2016, the shipment volume of finished products exceeded 450,000 / month

In November 2016, the shipment volume of finished products exceeded 500,000 / month

In June 2017, the alloy furnace went into operation smoothly