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Transmit Trust Through Gestures and Expressions, Highlight the Spirit of Enterprise Through Unity and Hard Work

Shandong Luistone Wheel Co., LTD held 2018 Spring Basketball Friendly Match in basketball court in order to enrich the recreational life of the vast number of employees and enhance the spirit of teamwork and the company to gather strength.

All departments of the company responded positively and organized teams to participate in the game one after another. This competition altogether has 12 teams, carries on PK by the group elimination system. After a tense and intense competition, the logistics team won the championship, first machining department team won the second and Equipment department team won the third place respectively.  

 The players are full of passion and high morale. Scene atmosphere is also very active. Cheering and shouting lets the basketball match atmosphere heat up unceasingly. The players not only showed their professional basketball skills such as dribbling, shooting and other various ball skills incisively and vividly in the game, caused the audience to applaud and scream. They also showed their noble personal qualities. The unused players became enthusiastic cheerleaders again during waiting to come on the stage, cheering up the competition team. The players showed their indomitable sportsmanship in the game. After the score falls behind, they still fight for every ball, never give up.

 In line with the principle of "Friendship first, competition second", this match lets the staff in the tension of work can relax body and mind, feel the collective strength and warmth. It not only enhances the mutual communication and understanding between various departments, but also strengthens employees' awareness of physical exercise and teamwork, creates a confident, sunny, full of vitality and dare to fight enterprise atmosphere for the development of Luistone.

         In future, the company will continue to adhere to the "Work hard, happy life" concept to organize more and better cultural and sports activities to fill the corporate culture construction and promote vigorous and rapid development of Luistone from the perspective of promoting employees' physical and mental health.