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Eight Years of Spring and Autumn, Full of Vitality Today

 The 2018 Spring Festival gala was hosted in the headquarters by the group company. In the work summary meeting, the two chairmen made a speech and the production director presided over the ceremony. In the speech, the chairmen pointed out that 2017 is a significant year in the development history of the group company, and the achievements made are inspiring. The achievement of each achievement is inseparable from the unity and hard work of cadres and dedication of all staff. In 2018, the chairman of the board of directors hopes that the majority of cadres and employees with a better mental outlook and a more pragmatic work style bravely shoulder the heavy burden, forge ahead with innovation and work solidly to strive for better development of Luistone.

After the work summary meeting, each department compiled the literary and artistic program which performs by themselves to put on. The content of the program covers song and dance, male and female voice duet, music recitation, dance, sketch and other art forms, integrating ideological, artistic and entertainment. The laughter on the stage, the audience is very cheerful. The vast number of cadres and employees show the spirit of striving to make progress and seize every minute through programs to feel the achievements and describe the future. At last, the party ended with a warm song, "love each other devotedly ". All the members and the host who took on the stage together at the same time drew a perfect end to the party.